Our Team

Our Team

Traxi means we’ll get through it together. With over 100 years of collective experience in a multitude of financial, legal and operational industries, you can be sure our team is uniquely qualified to take on any business challenge you have!

Anthony J. Pacchia
Founder & CEO

Anthony Pacchia (Tony) is Traxi’s CEO and Founder with over 30 years of experience working as a restructuring professional in the banking, legal and investment communities.

Robert Iommazzo
Managing Director

Bob Iommazzo offers Traxi clients over 30 years experience in financial, operational and business consulting services. Bob has restructured businesses in the distribution, manufacturing, real estate, etc.,

Lee Pacchia
Senior Advisor

Lee is a multi-disciplinary consultant with a specialization in crisis management, strategic communications and corporate restructuring. He has over 10 years experience working at the center of media and professional services.

Garett Sheehan
Senior Advisor

Garrett Sheehan (Gary), is a Senior Advisor at Traxi. He is an expert at sourcing institutional and offshore capital for real estate development.

Paul M. Fried
Senior Advisor

Paul Fried is a Senior Advisor at Traxi. His experience spans investment banking, distressed assets acquisition, workout, recovery, securitization, high-yield structured finance, equity joint ventures and fundraising. He’s handled over $10 billion in distressed assets, loans and securities.