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Paul Fried is the man to count on in cash crisis: Paul Fried, managing director, Traxi LLC

September 23, 2009

Paul Fried, the investment banking and real estate finance expert who recently joined advisory firm Traxi LLC, believes there has never been a time where so many different services and disciplines are required to create and execute solutions to enormously complex situations.
"Today, developing and executing strategies for handling financial dilemmas and raising capital in a turbulent market involves having the appropriate contacts and experience in real estate and its restructuring, tax considerations, creditor-borrower rights and remedies, and capital markets, private high net worth players, and nontraditional capital sources," said Fried.
"Given the size of the existing securitized mortgage market, a deep understanding of CMBS and REMIC issues, master and special servicer considerations, contacts with the players in these communities is essential. And, given the amount of structured finance layered in these existing capital structures, one must add a working knowledge of joint venture and mezzanine loan structures and how they play out in distressed situations."
As one of the industry's top real estate finance and workout specialists with more than 25 years of experience, Fried is one of the few executives who can speak from first-hand experience about the interplay of these different areas in the distressed real estate environment.
He said he joined Traxi because it's recognized as a top-ranked US crisis management firm, and has a reputation for developing creative strategic approaches and getting great results. "In this economy, with limited resources and huge consequences on the line, people will quickly cut through the rhetoric and want to know what can be accomplished," he said.